Managing your portfolio

Managing your portfolio

Portfolio management

Seasonal Strategy will manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis.

Your accounts will be custodied at Schwab Institutional. (Accounts at other custodians may be managed upon review.)

You will receive an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) up-front that acts as a blueprint for the management of your portfolio. Seasonal Strategy will input all trades and issue you quarterly reports that include:

  • A detailed cover letter summarizing activity, performance and outlook,
  • A PortfolioCenter™ report detailing your portfolio’s composition and performance, and
  • The Conservative Strategist, Seasonal Strategy’s quarterly client newsletter.

Fee:  Annual based on assets under management (0.8% on the first million, 0.6% on the next four million, and 0.4% on amounts over five million). Minimum fee $3,000 per year. (Discount and minimum waiver available under certain circumstances.)